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Archive for April, 2006

Description: This is a trick to make a ringing sound eminate from a wine glass.

Difficulty: Easy

To make a wine glass produce a faint humming sound, get a wine glass made from real glass.
Get a wine glass and fill it at least half way with wine

Wet your finger with water and put your finger on the top edge of the glass.
Wet your finger and place it on the glass

Start moving your finger in a circle around the glass with a little pressure.
With a little pressure, move your finger around the glass

Result: After circling the glass at least once you should begin to hear a faint singing coming from the glass.

Description: There is a cool way to make a drop of water sound with your mouth

Pucker your lips together as if you are going to blow air. Then pull your tongue back and thrust it towards the front of your mouth to blow a quick bit of air out.
pucker your lips as if to blow and get ready to flick

Now at the same time your tongue is forcing air out, flick the side of your cheek. This creates a slightly higher pressure difference in your mouth and just enough to create a slight whistling sound.
flick your cheek while pushing air out with your tongue

Pull your lips back just a little bit to change the sound of the whistle.

Result: If done right you will hear what sounds like a water droplet.

Description: This is a simple trick to whistle using a blade of grass

Difficulty: Easy

Start by finding a blade of grass at least two inches long. Bermuda Grass works fantastic for this because it’s a stronger blade.
Find a thick piece of grass Picture of Bermuda Grass

Place the blade of grass between your two thumbs pinched between the first knuckle and the second knuckle. You should see a long oval shaped hole split down the middle by the blade of grass.
Place between both thumbs

Place your mouth over the hole and blow lightly. You have to find the exact speed of which to blow at. You also can vary the tightness of the blade by moving your thumbs slightly to change the pitch of the whistle emitted.
blow through the small crack and the grass will vibrate making noise

Result: You can play very simple songs with this technique.

Difficulty: Easy

Description: This is a simple trick to send those small plastic bread ties flying.

Obtain a small plastic bread tie from a loaf of bread and break off one side.

Affix the small tie to your index finger.

Put your index finger behind your thumb and apply pressure.

Release index finger in a flicking method.

Result: You should see the plastic bread tie fly ~10 or so feet.