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Description: This trick makes one look like they are levitating. David Blaine has been known to pull this trick off.

Difficulty: Moderate

Face away from your audience. Turn your mount leg away from the audience at about 30-60 degrees. The idea is that your left leg and heel hide your mount leg.

You will need to psych up your audience a little for added effect. Delay a little by pretending to show that your getting ready.

With both feet on the ground lift yourself up on your right foot being careful to keep your heels of both feet together.

Result: If this is is done right, your audience will not see your right foot and it will look like you lift yourself off the ground.

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Paperclip Spring

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Description: This trick will create a spring out of a paper clip.

Difficulty: Easy

1. Find any paper clip. The larger the clip the more spring power it will have.
2. Open it out into a square shape.
3. Bend the two end sides to be parallel with each other.
4. Open the metal up about half an inch.
5. Push both ends together and lock one side behind the other.
6. Hold the clip on a table and let go.
Result: The clip will fall over jarring loose the ends, causing the clip to spring up into the air.

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Cut a card deck with one hand

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Description: Cut a deck of cards using one hand.

Difficulty: Easy

1. Obtain a deck of cards
2. Hold the deck of cards between your thumb and all four fingers of one hand.
3. Pull the base of your thumb away from the bottom part of the deck so about half the deck falls into your palm.
4. Push the top of the fallen cards towards your thumb using your index finger.
5. Drop your fingers back so the cards touching your fingers drop behind the cards you just pushed against your thumb.
6. Close your hand to combine all cards into one deck.
Result: A complete cut deck of cards.

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