Spit Wads

Description: This is the ancient art of hurling wet paper at targets.

Difficulty: Easy

Obtain a straw and a napkin.

Remove the straw from the wrapping.

Rip off a piece of napkin about 1 inch by 1 inch. Just enough to create a ball the size of the opening of the straw. If your straw is bigger you will need more paper.

Put the piece of napkin in your mouth and roll it around to make a nice moist slimy ball.

Raising the straw to your mouth, insert the ball into the tip of the straw. The wetness of the ball will hold it in the tip.

Holding your tongue against the entrance of the straw, build pressure in your mouth then draw your tongue back quickly to send the pressure of air into the straw.

Result: A slimy wet paper projectile will eject from the straw and splatter against any surface.

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