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Archive for July, 2007

Description: This is one of the oldest tricks known to man. Farting under the armpit.

Difficulty: Easy

Raise one arm.

Cup the hand of your other arm up against your arm pit. Squeeze your arm against your body.

Result: The resulting pressure increase will cause the air in the pocket to be forced out creating a reverberating noise that sounds like flatulence

Description: This is a simple magic trick to choose which hand the rubber band fell into.

Difficulty: Easy

Bend the rubber band so both sides of the band are equal length.

Grab one end of the band between your middle finger and palm of your right hand.

Then grab the other end of the band between your middle finger and palm of your left hand.

Close both hands and stretch the rubber band.

With an audience watching gently loosen the grip of one of the hands. The rubber band will snap into the other hand faster than your audience can see. Then they must guess which hand the rubber band is in.

Result: You overturn the hand with the rubber band and amaze your audience.