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Description: This trick makes one look like they are levitating. David Blaine has been known to pull this trick off.

Difficulty: Moderate

Face away from your audience. Turn your mount leg away from the audience at about 30-60 degrees. The idea is that your left leg and heel hide your mount leg.

You will need to psych up your audience a little for added effect. Delay a little by pretending to show that your getting ready.

With both feet on the ground lift yourself up on your right foot being careful to keep your heels of both feet together.

Result: If this is is done right, your audience will not see your right foot and it will look like you lift yourself off the ground.

Description: This trick will create a spring out of a paper clip.

Difficulty: Easy

1. Find any paper clip. The larger the clip the more spring power it will have.
2. Open it out into a square shape.
3. Bend the two end sides to be parallel with each other.
4. Open the metal up about half an inch.
5. Push both ends together and lock one side behind the other.
6. Hold the clip on a table and let go.
Result: The clip will fall over jarring loose the ends, causing the clip to spring up into the air.

Description: Cut a deck of cards using one hand.

Difficulty: Easy

1. Obtain a deck of cards
2. Hold the deck of cards between your thumb and all four fingers of one hand.
3. Pull the base of your thumb away from the bottom part of the deck so about half the deck falls into your palm.
4. Push the top of the fallen cards towards your thumb using your index finger.
5. Drop your fingers back so the cards touching your fingers drop behind the cards you just pushed against your thumb.
6. Close your hand to combine all cards into one deck.
Result: A complete cut deck of cards.

Description: This is the ancient art of hurling wet paper at targets.

Difficulty: Easy

Obtain a straw and a napkin.

Remove the straw from the wrapping.

Rip off a piece of napkin about 1 inch by 1 inch. Just enough to create a ball the size of the opening of the straw. If your straw is bigger you will need more paper.

Put the piece of napkin in your mouth and roll it around to make a nice moist slimy ball.

Raising the straw to your mouth, insert the ball into the tip of the straw. The wetness of the ball will hold it in the tip.

Holding your tongue against the entrance of the straw, build pressure in your mouth then draw your tongue back quickly to send the pressure of air into the straw.

Result: A slimy wet paper projectile will eject from the straw and splatter against any surface.

Description: This trick creates what looks like a growing worm when you add water.

Difficulty: Easy

1. Get a straw still in its wrapper.
2. Start pulling down the paper so it crunches together towards the bottom of the straw. Try to keep it from breaking, but make it as tight as you can.
3. Slip the compressed paper off the straw and lay it on the table.
4. Take the straw and stick it in a glass of water. Seal it off on the top with your index finger and draw out about an inch of water.
5. Let go of your finger over the straw worm and douse the straw paper with the water.

Result: The straw will absorb the water and appear to grow.

Description: This is a simple trick to do at a restaurant when you are bored.

Difficulty: Easy

Get a straw still in its wrapping.

Remove the straw and flatten the wrapping at the fold.

Fold it in the middle at a 90 degree angle.

Fold one side over the side you just folded.

Fold the first side over the second side.

Continue folding each side over the other until there is no more paper left.

Hold on to each side of the paper and pull apart lightly not to break.

Result: A shape in the form of a xylophone will be created.

Description: This trick creates a loud popping sound when performed right.

Difficulty: Easy

Find a straw. The thick, malleable ones from McDonald’s work great.

Pinch each side of the straw to seal off the air inside.

Begin winding up the straw so the air inside increases pressure. Wind it up to about two inches.

Get a friend to flick the pressurized middle.

The straw will crack.

Result: Pop! The straw explodes and emits a loud pop!

Description: This is one of the oldest tricks known to man. Farting under the armpit.

Difficulty: Easy

Raise one arm.

Cup the hand of your other arm up against your arm pit. Squeeze your arm against your body.

Result: The resulting pressure increase will cause the air in the pocket to be forced out creating a reverberating noise that sounds like flatulence

Description: This is a simple magic trick to choose which hand the rubber band fell into.

Difficulty: Easy

Bend the rubber band so both sides of the band are equal length.

Grab one end of the band between your middle finger and palm of your right hand.

Then grab the other end of the band between your middle finger and palm of your left hand.

Close both hands and stretch the rubber band.

With an audience watching gently loosen the grip of one of the hands. The rubber band will snap into the other hand faster than your audience can see. Then they must guess which hand the rubber band is in.

Result: You overturn the hand with the rubber band and amaze your audience.